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stepping stones of maritime history


Historical description:

Slot ter Hooghe was a merchant vessel sailing forthe Dutch East India Company(VOC) between patria and the East Indies. She was on her first voyage to the East Indies when she wrecked.

Only a year after being built she wrecked off the coast of the island Porto Santo, located Northeast of Madeira. 221on board of the shiplost their lives.

Painting of 't Slot ter Hooge at Rammekens. Painted by Jan Voerman.

Archaeological description:

In the 18th century there were alreadyattempts

to salvage the wreck of the ship 't Slot ter Hooghe

by John Lethbridge who was hired by the Dutch in

1725, only a year after the wreck. But excavation of the site

wasn't done on a proper level until Robert Sténuit excavated

the wreck in the 1970's.

An article written by Sténuit regarding this wreck

"The treasure of Porto Santo" was published by

National Geographic in August of 1975.

Artifacts found on site included a large quantity of gold

and silver coins and bullion,as well as somecannons.

Frontpage of 1975 August issue of National Geographic

Fish swimming among coins on the site of the wreck. Source: National Geographic

Photos from National Geographic:

Coins from the ship



Type: Dutch East Indiaman (Spiegelretourschip)

Name: 't Slot ter Hooghe

Master: Steven Boghoute

Built: 1723

Yard: Middelburg

Chamber: VOC Zeeland

Tonnage: 425 last, 850 ton

Length: 160 feet

Complement: 250

Painting of 't Slot ter Hooge and other ships by Engel Hoogerheyden

East Indiaman

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