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TheK XIX was a submarine built in Schiedam in 1936. During construction it was renamed to O 19 and was first commissioned to the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1939.

The O 19, together with her sister the O 20 were the first two submarines in the world equipped with the 'getrimd diesel systeem' or 'snort system'. This system allows the submarine to run its diesels while submerged in order to recharge batteries, ventilate the boat and cover some useful miles underwater.

The O 19 was mainly used for mine laying operations in de Dutch East Indies during the second World War. During her duty the submarine sank eight ships and damaged one.

On the 8th of July 1945 while on her way to the Philippines the O 19 stranded on the Ladd Reef (to the southeast of Vietnam). That same day the U.S.S. Cod recieved a message that the O 19 was stranded and set course for the Dutch submarine. The next morning the U.S.S. Cod attempts to pull the O 19 free but without succes. After multiple attempts the crew of theO-19 was taken aboard the U.S.S. Cod and the O 19 was shot to prevent the enemy from gaining any usefulness from the stranded submarine.


General information

Type: O 19 class.
Royal Netherlands Navy.
Built: Wilton Fijenoord shipyard Schiedam 15-6-1936.
Launched: 22-9-1938.
Commissioned: 3-7-1939.
Length: 80,7 m.
Beam: 7,4 m.
Draught: 3,9 m.
Complement : 40.
Propulsion : 2x diesel engine with2,650 bhp.
Electric motors 2x 500 bhp.
Speed: 19,5 knots surfacedand 9 knots submerged.
Armament: 8 x 53 cm torpedo tubes bw and stern. 20 mine tubes. 8,8 mm canon.
Struck on a reef Ladd Reef 8-7-1945.
Crew rescued by U.S.S. Cod.
Scuttled 10-7-1945.
First submarine snorkel that provided oxygen for the diesels while submerged.

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