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stepping stones of maritime history

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Majestic-class battleship

Launched: 22 August, 1895

Decomissioned: 21 February, 1920

Built: Portsmouth Dockyard

Displacement: 16,060 tons

Length: 421 feet

Beam: 75 feet

Draft: 27 feet

Propulsion: 2 3-cylinder steam engines

Armament: 52 guns; 5 torpedo tubes

Armor: 2.5 to 14 inches thick, depending on location

HMS Prince George was a pre-dreadnought battleship. The Majestic-class had nine completed ships, making it the largest class of battleships in history. Before the Majestic-class, naval ships were developed quite chaotically. The British standardized their warship design with the Majestic-class, and this design was copied by dozens of ships in navies all over the world.

HMS Prince George.

East Indiaman

Roman structures