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stepping stones of maritime history

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One of the four stranded ships that belonged to the WIC fleet of admiral Jol.  He was commissioned to conquer the Spanish silver fleet  bound for Havanna. 

The Bul was stranded but intact. Two other Dutch ships tried get it afloat in vain.

111 crew members got ashore. 11 stayed and were rescued by their country men. The Spanish burned the ship. 


Type: Urca 

Armament: 22 pieces (6 bronze)

Complement: 123


part of the hull might be in situ.


Reference: ARCHIVO GENERAL DE INDIAS. AUDIENCIA DE SANTO DOMINGO. Legajo: 101. No.: 143B. Fecha: 11 de septiembre de 1640.
I. Wright II, p.63.

East Indiaman

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