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stepping stones of maritime history


Historical Description
Bleijenburg had made a successful journey to the Dutch East Indies and was returning to the Netherlands carrying a cargo of porcelain, when she was lost between Batavia and the Cape of Good Hope. She was carrying 105 seamen, 20 soldiers, 4 craftsmen, 10 VOC employees, and 1 passenger. Her captain, Jan Lindeboom, is recorded as going down with his ship, although some of the crew survived and were rescued.


Type: Unknown, but most likely a spiegelretourschip (East Indiaman) based on known


Name: Bleijenburg

Captain: Jan Lindeboom (Lindenboom)

Built: 1719

Chamber: Amsterdam

Wharf: Amsterdam

Length: 160 feet

Tonnage: 550 last (1100 tons)

A full scale replica ofAmsterdam, a VOC spiegelretourschip from 1748

East Indiaman

Roman structures