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The Alkmaar made two (retour) voyages from Texel to Batavia and back.

  • Departure from Texel (The Netherlands) on 2-6-1620.
  • Arrival in Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 24-6-1621.
  • Departure Batavia on 1-2-1623 to Cape of Good Hope (from 12-5-1623- 18-5-1623).
  • Arrival Texel 09-1623.
  • Departure and loss Texel 5-7-1625.


Type: East Indiaman (spiegelretourschip) from Dutch East India Company (VOC) chamber of Enkhuizen.

Constructed in Enkhuizen in 1619.


Tons : 300 last (600 tons)

Complement: 300

The Batavia was a comparable East Indiaman.


The Alkmaar was lost near Texel. The wreck has not been found.

East Indiaman

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