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Historical description

The Aernhem or Arnhem was a Dutch East Indiaman

sailing for the Dutch East India Trading Company (VOC)

as a merchant vessel between Holland and the East Indies.

The ship was undercommand of Pieter Anthoniszoon and

was one of a fleet of seven ships homeward bound. The

other ships were Wapen van Holland, Prins Willem,

Vogel Phoenix, Maarsseveen, Prinses Royal and

Gekroonde Leeuw.

Some of the ships never made it to theCape of Good

Hope after the fleet was broken up by aviolent stormnear

the east coast ofthe Africancontinent.

The Aernhem ran aground at the Cargados Carajos/Saint

Brandon/Brandao (a group of atolls and reefs)and was

lost at sea.

Approx. 80 survivors reached Mauritius. The unfortunate

loss of the Aernhem was written about by Andries Stockram

in the book "Korte beschryvinge van de ongeluckige reyse

van het schip Aernhem".

Archaeological description:

The wrecksite of the Aernhem has not been located yet. She was lost in a storm of the Brandon Islands/ Cargados Caragosin the proximity of Mauritius, East of the Madagaskar.Due to its loss at open water she probably lies at a great depth in the ocean. No search or salvage attempt are known regarding the Aernhem.


General information:

Name: Aernhem or Arnhem

Type: Dutch East Indiaman

Master: Pieter Anthoniszoon

Built: 1654

Yard: Amsterdam

Chamber: Amsterdam

Tonnage: 1000, 500 last

Cover of the book written about the unfortunate loss of the "Aernhem"

Cover of the book written about the unfortunate loss of the "Aernhem"

East Indiaman

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